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Frequently Asked Questions about custom picture framing:

Why is custom framing so expensive?

The materials used in custom framing are tailored to fit your order. The moulding is usually in length of 6' or more, which then has to be chopped and joined to form the custom frame. Any matboard, glass, or backing comes in sheets of usually 32"x40" or larger, which is then scored or trimmed to fit your project. Any mat opening is cut at to show a bevel, any fabrics are hand-wrapped, and fillets hand-chopped and the piece begins to be fit together. Sometimes there are special mounting procedures required with archival paste, heat, or hand-stitching. All of the details will be discussed with your framer when your project is being designed.
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How long can I expect my project to take?

Most projects, because of the supplies needed, minimum labor involved, and in consideration of pending orders, generally take about two weeks to complete. This can vary if there is more labor required, if the finished piece is over-sized, or if suppliers are unable to deliver materials on their usual schedule. While unforeseen delays can occur, particularly when relying on third-party suppliers and manufacturers, we will call you with any changes that might affect your expectations as soon as possible. Also, if you know you have a hard deadline, tell your framer and efforts can be made to secure the materials before placing the order to ensure timely completion.
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What kind of payments does Wallflower accept?

Wallflower currently accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, local pre-printed and verifiable checks (presented with current identification), and cash.
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What do I have to pay upfront?

We require payment at the time the order is placed. This is typical of most custom framing throughout the industry, as the supplies are specially ordered and cannot be reused in the ordinary course of business, and are purchased in reliance upon your custom order.

We will gladly provide you with an estimate or even save the design information for you so that you may think about whether or not you want to place an order, or if you want to wait to budget such an expense.
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What if I need the framing done sooner?

Barring extraordinary circumstances, it is usually possible to rush a project, for which a rush fee would be charged to displace prior orders and bring materials in more quickly from our suppliers. Even so, many materials may not be available on very short notice, and may limit your design choices.
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How come there are no prices on the samples?

With nearly 15 different suppliers, and a wide range of samples, pricing changes are constant, besides having to keep new and discontinued samples current. We could not accommodate the amount of time needed to physically stay on top of these changes and to have the changes reflected accurately and timely. Therefore, we use an electronic system which gets pricing updates from each of the manufacturers and suppliers automatically.
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How is the pricing determined?

The framing industry typically uses an unit of "united inches" to determine how much of a material will need to be ordered to cover the custom project, which is the sum of the final height and width of the piece to fit into the frame. For instance, an 8"x10" piece would be calculated as 18 UI, for which each material (matting, backing, glazing, moulding) has its own UI price. Simply changing the grade or distributor of one item can dramatically affect the overall pricing.
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How long does it take to design a piece?

If you have never been to a custom picture frame shop before and are unsure about what you want, it could take roughly an hour to design one piece... roughly. Don't worry if you are not sure what you want, as it is usually easily determined once unwanted choices are eliminated. We'll get to the bottom of it!

Also, if you are confident in your decision before beginning, or if you need some time to browse alone, you are welcome to pull samples, design on our table, and get assistance as you need it.
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What if I change my mind?

Once work has been substantially undertaken, a custom project cannot literally be "undone" in the sense that the materials have been wasted. If you have any doubts, please communicate with your framer immediately, to avoid this situation.

It can be difficult to visualize a finished piece and people are usually pleasantly surprised to see the results, though sometimes are disappointed. If something needs to be adjusted in substituting colors or simple materials, then your framer may be able to accommodate such a change at Wallflower's expense. If the size needs to be readjusted or a substantial substitution needs to be made, different from the terms of the sale, you will have to negotiate with your framer about a new order and Wallflower will make every reasonable attempt to work with you.
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Can I put the frame together myself?

Wallflower does not open its facilities for public use, though you are welcome to peer through the work-room window and ask all types of related questions.
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Can I just buy a new mat or glass for a piece that is already framed?

Yes! Keep in mind that we offer preservation quality materials, so our UV glass will not price at the same rate as non-UV glass at the local hardware store.
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What can I do with a canvas that I want to display but I don't want to frame it?

We offer stretcher bars, which provide a structural basis for the canvas to be stretched onto. Stretcher bars are often less expensive than frames, though stretching the canvas is charged by shop time. Not all canvases are suitable for stretching and such projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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